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-march pink slip again. across the bay and across the state a pink slip picture has changed dramatically and teachers hope it stays that way. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> thank you. san francisco city college met a critical deadline today in the fight to keep the school open. ccsf filed a report today outlining the school's plans to address a long list of financial and administrative concerns. if things don't change, the college might lose its accreditation. now that the report has been filed, inspectors will visit the campus in april to verify the plan. a panel then has 45 days to announce whether the school will keep that accreditation. and state funding that goes with it. the school has an estimated 80,000 students. >>> tonight the parents of a missing scout valley man are leaving for utah where their man has been found alive and safe. less than an hour we received word that 20-year-old matthew abraham has been located in utah. matt disappeared earlier this week after a mountain bike accident which left him with a major head injury. a widespre
voters passed measure d, increasing the minimum wage only in san jose, the plans changed. >> when the numbers went to $10 an hour, it made it difficult to bring everybody to 9 an hour. >> reporter: so the 180 workers who don't work in san jose ended up with a 50 cents raise, while their san jose counterparts ended with a $2 jump. >> i let them know the news of what we were going to do, and also let them know it was my goal to get them up to a $10 wage over a certain period of time. >> reporter: the jump in wage costs $1.3 million, which it hopes to make in revenue, in part by increasing prices at the retail store. michael fox, the ceo and president of good will in silicon valley says they will have to make it work since they are not willing to cut any community support services. fox says it is also important to keep the employees they have. >> feel blessed to have this opportunity to be here. >> reporter: some are on probation or parole, working to improve their lives so that they can potentially give back. >> since i have been here, i really looked forward to the future. >> repor
to be changing. we will talk about the warm weather and how high the temperatures will go coming up in the full forecast. >>> estimated 9,000 people in san jose are affiliated with a gang and one of them may be responsible for the city's latest shooting, a teenager shot on the east sietd. the san jose community is getting creative on how to stop this rising violence. among the ideas, a change of clothing. kris sanchez joins us with ideas that other cities could possibly use. >> reporter: hi, there. for the last two years san jose police say that the number of gang homicides have accounted for about half of all of the homicides in the city of san jose. a crime prevention and a gang prevention expert says that is only half of the story. all quiet near fischer middle school now. just before 8:00 last night a teenager was wounded in a drive by shooting which police say may be gang related. the metro unit is targeting gang crime with 40 officers including 32 on patrol. add to that additional gang suppression units. sjpd has identified more than 9,000 gang members. in the area where santa clara count
talking about it for months and now it is almost upon us. big changes to the golden gate bridge. on wednesday the bridge will switch to an all electric system meaning no more toll takers. you can pay by fast track or a camera will record your license plate and send you a bill. the change can save time when you cross the bridge. the board of directors voted to raise the speed limit from 5 to 25 miles per hour. >>> an amazing display of teamwork that should leave kids smiling. volunteers from shutter fly built an entire playground in six hours at the eden area ymca. >> biggest thing this has done is get our name out into the community to tell people that we are back and we are going to have a strong presence in this community and it has been amazing. the mayor is coming, the city council is coming, firefighters are here. they are helping us build this playground today so we can change lives for the better. >> the design came from children's drawings. >> how cool is that? >> very cool. >>> let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. a cool temperature. but outside, we are
change since 2008 when voters upheld a ban on same-sex marriage. young voters are leading the way. more than 3/4 of 18 to 39-year-old approve same-sex marriage. even republican support has grown to 39% in the past couple of years. >>> new tonight at 6:00, an article in the student newspaper questioning the relevancy of black history month sparked a rally today at san jose state. the rally ended up at the famous black power statue on campus. it was originally planned as a march to celebrate black history month. then an article came out in the "spartan daily" titled "black history month is redundant." students told us they were offended by the article. >> a lot of people try to argue racism isn't prominent in today's society. but it is because a lot of people feel a certain way about us being here and black history being taught. the fact it's not relevant. so just with that, it angered a lot of us. we felt like are we redundant? do people think our culture is redundant? are we fighting still for relevancy in today, 2013? >> in addition to the campus at san jose state, the article was disc
at facebook headquarters where a big change is coming to your page. we'll show it to you coming up. >> and we're seeing changes in our weather forecast tonight. right now san jose south starting to see light to moderate rate pushing in from san jose downtown down to 101 into morgan hill. very interesting temperatures in our hilltops. cold enough for yes, snow on the radar out around mount hamilton. we'll let you know how long it's sticking around and the forecast when we come right back. sergeant. >> silicon valley giant cat who is the turning things around. ma ris sass maier is looking at a seven-figure bonus after a few months on the job. she'll receive $1.1 million for her 5 1/2 months at the helm. it supplements her annual salary of $1 million. and she also gets $56 mlion in long-term stock compensation that she received after yahoo! lured her away from google last july. she has redesigned the homepage, instituted new policies and the share prices are up 46%. >> this is about the time when facebook users start complaining. a march change is coming specifically the news feed. scott budman
at 6:00, a change in the forecast and a reminder you'll need to make a change this weekend as well. meteorologist rob mayeda will fill you in on that. and is that a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge? >> it is. >>> also coming up -- >> cocoa's been wanting a baby and has been asking for a baby for many years. her dream of having a baby could lead to a new plan to save her species. launch sequence initiated. [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission: and t-10...9... serve the world's best-tasting chicken. that's why our chicken is delivered fresh. 8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipe. preparation complete... 2.....1... and now for a limited time you can try an 8-piece meal of our freshly prepared chicken, two large sides and 4 biscuits all for just $15.99. [ man mission accomplished. >>> time is running out for cocoa, the gorilla is facing extinction. her quest to become a mom may help save her species. in the hills above woodside, inside this old trailer, cocoa lives
that attitudes have changed radically with the majority of americans favoring same-sex marriage. no matter what happens on tuesday, the archbishop is calling for a civil debate. monte frances, nbc bay area news. >>> coming up at 6:00, the u.s. senate passes its version of budget cuts. we'll let you know some of the programs getting trimmed. and why many bay area landmarks will be turning the lights out tonight. >>> the sharks trying to stay in the playoff race. we'll let you know how they did coming up. >>> the u.s. senate approved the first budget in four years. but now they have to combine with the the house version and the sequester cuts kick in soon. bryan moore has more. >> reporter: after wowing the crowd in the florida keys the blue angels are getting their wings clipped. like just about everyone else they are preparing for the new normal of the automatic budget cuts known as the sequester. >> and the concurrent resolution is agreed to. >> reporter: the senate passed a budget bill to guide future spending. >> i know everyone is exhausted. and you may not feel it at the moment but this is
anti-gay comments stages a bizarre local protest. >>> plus, from r&b legend to killer to a changed man. how a bay area singer is making his comeback after spending almost 40 years behind bars. >>> and a plea for the public's help. the injured animal found in the south bay and why wildlife officials say it was no accident. >>> a judge is asking it for more information before deciding whether a sexual abuse lawsuit against an east bay school district wi district can go forward. a swim coach at cal says in the 1990s she was sexually abused by two teachers. a whistleblower has since come forward saying she was a teacher back then, tried to alert the district after students came forward with similar accusations but the district did not respond. the attorney says the district was concealing information. >> as the case progresses another damning story, more damning evidence that this was an intentional cover-up. the district knew a pedophile was in their midst and yet they deliberately concealed it and did nothing to protect the students. >> an attorney for the district argued there may be an
police chief bill bratton. he's in oakland now to make major changes to the city's crime fighting strategies. bratton, who is now a consultant, held a news conference alongside observing's police chief jordan at headquarters today. bratton says bringing down the number of homicides, robberies and burglaries is his top priority. he also says it's tough when you have a police department that needs a lot more officers. >> it's a department that i think you all appreciate is severely understaffed. and i don't use that term lightly. it is a small department for a very large and vital city. and at the same time when you have a small department, it's very important to focus those officers appropriately. >> bratton will be working alongside thomas frazier appointed on monday by a federal judge to be a compliance director in the city of oakland. >>> in san francisco a man accused of killing a teenaged girl during a dui hit-and-run will be charged with three felonies. police say brewer hit 17-year-old chang as she crossed the buoulevard saturday night. he faces up to ten years in prison. >>
of transparency. we asked if that might change and they said perhaps not. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kris. outside for a live look at san francisco where the clouds are starting to roll right into the bay area. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking this storm and, jeff, moving in within the next hour or so? >> at least two hours. going to be slow moving tonight. the north bay will see that rainfall first. we will get some rainfall first. if you are heading out to see the bay bridge lit up throughout this evening, you are going to want to bring that umbrella and also jacket. you can see our cold front is elongated, tapping into pacific moisture and this is very rare for 2013. yes, it is not a big storm system but this is big news because of how dry we have been. you can see right up into the north bay we're starting to get a few showers near santa rosa. nothing overly heavy right now. near bodega bay, some very light showers. santa rosa over the next 30 minutes and then gradually the rain will be stepping off to the south. the other component of this is als
. >> we think it is time. we change that to get the 25% of the population to have a voice. >> reporter: that voice students say could offer a fresh perspective on issues that effect the campus and beyond. >> a student can bring a voice that has been missing for far too long. there are issues like safety, lighting on our streets, housing. >> reporter: measure r gave berkeley the green light to redraw the district. councilman supports the idea that students should have their own district and a seat at the civic table. >> the youngest person currently on the council it would nice to be somebody that isn't either bald or with gray hair. >> reporter: berkeley mayor isn't convinced it has to come from a student. >> the question is is the city going to be here for four years. >> reporter: the city expects to finish drawing by the end of the year possibility that along with homework and exams they could be dealing with angry constituents. >>> a fix on what ails california colleges. 7,000 on waiting lists for classes for graduation. a bill was introduced to make california the first in the nati
,000 a year. morales tells met that changing schools will be hard on families that don't drive and worries her children could end up farther away if the new school becomes overcrowded. grandmother says it will hurt families struggling to make ends meet. >> the school provides daycare. they drop off the babies and then bring the kids to here. it is not only -- this community needs a lot of support. >> reporter: superintendent says the district has done all it can with state funding that is now about $5,000 per student instead of the $6,400 it should be under prop 98. the district now faces an $8 million gap. >> california funding is one of the lowest in the nation. everything that we do at this point because we have made reductions over time already, will affect students. >> reporter: the superintendent says all options are on the table from consolidations to furlough days and asking the community to support a tax. since the beginning of the recession allen rock avoided some of the more painful cuts other districts went through. while the math is tough for grown ups the lesson is harder for the
-award winning classics. >>> a warm day in the bay area today. we managed mid 70s for highs. one of the changes we're seeing tonight, ahead of spring showers, coming back into the forecast for the work week. we'll let you know when and how much when we come right back. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ >>> after nearly seven decades of problems, a new bypass around devil's slide is set to open tomorrow. there is a tunnel and a bridge, at a cost of $439 million. highway 1 is known for crumbling rocks and deadly accidents and months of detours and delays when the road would crumble away. plans are to turn the old road into a walking and biking road. the tom lantos tunnel is named after the late congressman and are the first to be built in california in more than 50 years. >>> pope francis presided over his first pal
not disturb. still ahead at 6:00, a change of heart over a piece of art. the piece of history won't be checking out of the hotel after all, but its new home still up in the air. we'll explain. >>> a canine was managed to be tracked down and what the owner is saying tonight. >>> taking the devil out of a big devil slide. a project some drivers have been waiting decades for. when it's expected to officially open. good evening. i'm jeff oneary in the bay city area. here's one thing the coolness was good for. that's the air quality, everybody. we'll have details of when rain returns here coming up in a few minutes. >>> it's snnow just a matter of hours until the new devil's slide towers will open to the public. joe rosato, jr. shows the big ceremony and the lodng road tha led up to it. >> reporter: it's the ribbon cutting bay area communities have waited decades for. the opening of twin tunnels at devil's slide, a parade of classic cars. >> i think people will come to see how beautiful this is. look what caltrain has done here. they really have preserved it. >> reporter: katherine sla
emoriville camera coming to you in high definition. a beautiful monday but changes are right around the corner. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking our first round of wet weather it seems like in eons, jeff. >> i know. we couldn't be more pleased in the weather department to be getting more rainfall. we have had one of the driest years on record at least when you look at the calendar year. that will be quickly changing by this time tomorrow. there's the cold front about 500 miles offshore. not only rain but quite a bit of wind that we'll be tracking as that storm system arrives on tuesday. cloud cover mainly there for your morning commute down to san jose. and then by the afternoon hours the north bay starts to get those rain drops first around 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00. and here we go again. one of the driest calendar years on record with this storm system, we could pick up more rain in one day than we've had for all of 2013. we're going to track all of that throughout the show. >> okay, thank you very much, jeff. >>> still ahead at 6:00, gas prices are on the rise. califor
campaign logo. the hrc asked people to change their profile for support of same-sex marriage. the court's ruling on california's same-sex marriage ban is expected in june. now, back here in the bay area, groups in several cities found their open way to mark today's historic hearing. many say they can hardly wait for the decision. cheryl hurd continues our coverage where same-sex marriage supporters have gathered for a vigil. >> reporter: that's right. about three dozen people are holding a vigil outside the state building today because there have been a lot of arguments inside this building for and against the issue. meanwhile today we've talked to a lot of people who are paying close attention to the supreme court. >> a localized -- >> reporter: california lieutenant governor gavin newsom was mayor of san francisco when he opened the flood gates in the same-sex marriage debate when he first allowed same-sex couples to marry in san francisco nine years ago. today he is in washington, d.c., watching over the supreme court proceedings that could set a national precedent on the topic. >> i
say the win shows the gop is changing. >>> it has been nearly five decades since an attack in alabama. the unexpected apology they got this weekend. >>> i don't know the right answer right now but i'm going to do something. it just has to happen. if i sit and wait nothing is going to happen. >> he is young and ready to make a change. we will show you how a bay area college graduate is ready to help people help the world. >>> today even though we had the fog and drizzle at the coast it helps to improve our air quality. it does not help to improve the allergens. rain is in the forecast. we'll explain what that means for you for the coming week. >>> thousands of people gathered in selma, alabama to honor and remember those who were part of the bloody march there 40 years ago. congressman john lewis joined vice president joe biden and other elected and civil rights leaders for the annual bridge crossing jubilee. as part of the weekend of memorial the chief of police in montgomery publicly apologized for his department's failures during the violence. >> it needed to be spoken because we ha
, and highs for most of the bay area tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s. the changes we'll start to see, not impacting your monday, tuesday and wednesday, the system still on track to begin some light rainfall at times. we go to tuesday afternoon to wednesday. and seeing the rain spreading across the south bay. into the north bay, steadiest rain tuesday night on into wednesday morning. as soon as it splits off toward the east, the second half of the forecast warmer and drier as we head toward next weekend. rainfall projections, tuesday to wednesday, mainly a half inch of rain or less. not a big soaking event, but much needed. hopefully will knock down some of the pollen we're experiencing for the last couple of days. tomorrow, extra high clouds, coming in. slight drop in temperatures as we go to tuesday and wednesday, this is when the rain starts to come back, should pick up probably as early as the late morning. through the evening tuesday into wednesday. you will see rain changing over to showers, temperatures drop off for the middle part of the week, spring starts second half of the
given access to life-changing medical care today. doctors and staff at keizer san francisco volunteered their time and skills to provide same day surgical procedures for 30 people. among the surgeries performed were cataract removal, hernia repairs and colonoscopiecolonos. the group started this back in 1993. >> here we are 20 years later, 10,000 patients, 1,200 volunteers and about $80 million of donated services. it's a remarkable accomplishment that wouldn't be possible without the entire health care system pitching in. >> if you want more information on the program, an article on operation access is said to appear in the san francisco medical society journal in april. >>> next at 6:00, a horrific scene. a man swallowed by a sinkhole in his bedroom. tonight, why crews are not looking for the body. >>> also -- a family adopts a puppy, but before they can take him home the thief swipes the dog from a shelter. the sweep operation that nabs the suspects and got the puppy to his new home. >>> plus, competing in a triathlon is impressive enough to the rest of us, but then there's these fol
has been done to try to change military culture surrounding sexual assault cases, it's not enough. experts estimate that as many as 19,000 military women and men are sexually assaulted every year but only 13% ever report the attacks. many believe that is because the current system for prosecuting cases gives too much power to commanding officers. >> i think it's time to take this problem away from our military leaders and put it in the hands of independent prosecutors and investigators who can manage this without worrying about the impact on the reputation of the military. >> commanding officer is the judge and the jury. the commanding officer to pursue it, not to have itinvestigated. >> reporter: the congresswoman has introduced three bills and hopes a good ole boys network that in some cases protects predators. >> rapes will continue in the military, sexual assaults, sexual harassment, unless we take dramatic steps to change it. >> reporter: speier says she hopes the legislation will make it through this year. >> thanks so much, kim about berly. >>> the army tuition assistance p
all indications, nothing significant changed? >> yeah. >> frustrated? >> i'm sure they are. >> reporter: so that report, was it a waste of taxpayer money? >> i would say that at the end of the day, had it come to a conclusion, it would have been money well spent. the fact that it was not followed up on but the national guard bureau in the first year. that is a problem. >> reporter: but it is important to note that the petty report criticizes the california national guard's failure to handle complaints. during wednesday's hearing at the capitol, the national guard said it recently provided additional training and the california national guard is in compliance. >> of the big messages we continue to reform the california national guard and the california military department, the governor appointed me to make change, and we have made substantial change. >> reporter: general baldwin says he remains clear to cleaning up the culture of the california guard, and we are also committed to keeping you informed on the progress. >> many of our stories come from our tip line, if you have
. those are some of the changes in tonight's first friday arts festival in oakland. tonight some are remembering a teen killed at last month's event. i want to show you a live look at the festival on telegraph avenue. also there lots of cops. wanting to avoid the violence that killed kiante campbell shot and killed after the february event. one vendor says she hopes the shooting will make people think about stopping the violence. >> i don't think death was a reflection of something wrong. i think it's a reflection of something we need to change. that's all. we need change. it happens here. it happens in oakland, berkeley, richmond, kids are dying all over the place. >> tonight's festival will end an hour earlier than the usual 9:00 and no alcohol is being sold or poured in the art gallery. event organizers say there will be a moment of violence tonight for campbell. >>> quick thinking by a man k kidnapped in the north bay led to her rescue. it started when san rafael police got a call from a woman who said her friend was texting her saying she had been kidnapped. the text describ
a officials are doing about it. >>> and the shovel term that will lead to a huge change in san francisco's skyline, the landmarked tire is officially under construction. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking fog developing at the coastline and widespread low cloud cover. we'll be tracking that. we'll also track our easter weekend forecast which does have rain in had it. >>> a quick update of this, south san jose, an officer involved shooting. our own kris sanchez is there live getting information. >>> car confusion. that's what many found it at the golden gate bridge. for the first time ever toll takers are gone, replaced by technology. enough to leave some drivers dazed and confused. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has been out there all day with a look at how people are handling the change. cheryl? >> reporter: well, terry, as you can see cars are rolling smoothly through the golden gate bridge toll plaza but, believe me, earlier today things were much different. at the golden gate bridge toll plaza now 25 miles an hour. some worry that o
and yelled for help. the suspect then took off. police set up extra patrols around the area. >>> big changes and demand for more transparency at silicon valley restaurants. this after an investigative unit exposed major flaws with the system. >> rith now restaurants aren't graded or scored. last month we uncovered how the system and restaurants are failing to provide diners with clear information. today the board agreed calling for major changes. >> is there a shorthand way for people to make an assessment of the relative cleanliness and healthiness of a particular location? >> reporter: the answer is no which is why the department of environmental health sat before the board of supervisors to present ways of improving the current system. >> the hope is if we do this right we will end up with restaurants and other food service establishments that are safer places for members of the public to go cht. >> reporter: it comes after our investigation exposed problems with the system like the county's website. the inspection system lacked detail making it useless. today the board voted to direct th
here we go, as we head throughout the next three days we're going to see some big-time changes. the huge upper level low pressure area pushing in. tapping into a decent amount of moisture, pulling up humidity saturday and sunday. feeling sticky, dew points in the low-to-mid 50s, also producing the isolated chance of thunderstorms. mainly saturday night through easter sunday morning, anywhere from a tenth of an inch to a half an inch of rainfall expected as we head throughout the easter weekend forecast. next three days, chance of showers, as we head throughout saturday, sunday, a chance of rainfall in the forecast, temperatures in the upper 60s and also low 70s. if you're doing any traveling, the good news, delays from the fog and drizzle, right now, green, a go in san francisco, no delays due to weather, but of course call the airline carrier, if we're doing any traveling to miami, new york, boston, atlanta. all in the green. that is good news. you can always track the forecast at any time at we'll have more coming up. >>> and here is the nominee for best video
spots. santa rosa, 69 degrees here. mild outside. 66 in san jose. the time change, you'll find the temperatures stay up longer through the evening as the sunsets just after 7:15 in the evening. winds turning slightly on shore. it should push the low clouds to the coast. it's the reason the inner bay, san francisco and the coast is slightly immune to seeing the warm up we are talking about. for the valley to start the week and the middle part of the week, temperatures really going to start to climb. tomorrow morning, areas of low cloud turning mostly sunny. during the next few days, temperatures climbing to the mid-70s and close to 80 in some of the warmest places come wednesday. right now, high pressure is keeping us dry. storm track is staying off to the north. this is a bit of a convergence of circumstances for us. we have a rare event in the western skies. the low clouds may hold off, if you look to the west, post sunset. if you are out near the coast and don't have mountains, the comet could appear over the next couple evenings. it's zipping past the sun. as the sunsets, wi
. >> we're starting to see some changes take place. we had a nice day today in the south bay, south campbell. 70s. now starting to see a few rain drops in the parts of the santa clara. notice what's happening here south of san jose. down 101 heading towards morgan hill, also towards sunnyvale, sfo and the area of low pressure is off to the west. instead of going from west to east, it's coming out of the south and heading towards san francisco to the west there over towards the merin head lands. more of this moisture will hit the hill tops and it's being forced to rise. east bay hill tops and the north bay hills you'll get the best lift out of this tropical moisture. you can see we have one band moving in now and perhaps a little break in the action here. there might be some good timing where that's concerned for tomorrow morning. more on that in just a moment. here's our area of low pressure spinning off shore. unlike today, by tomorrow and this time tomorrow it's going to be scooting from off the ocean right on top of the bay area. these areas of bay pressure have cooler air aloft.
are able to reattach severed fingers. >>> it's a decision that changed his life. after he severed his finger in a freak accident an oakland man was told his only option was amputation. >> he decided to get a second opinion. marianne favro shows us how that decision paid off for him. >> not only was his finger reattached but he has full use of his hand that goes to a full procedure that uses nerves from a cadaver to spare patients from amputation. it is being used in military hospitals to help wounded soldiers but it is also helping bay area patients. >> at the top of the fence snagged my wedding ring and it tore all of the soft tissue off my finger. >> reporter: he remembers the day last summer when a freak accident severed his ring finger. he packed it in ice and headed to the e.r. where the doctor gave him one option. >> the only alternative was to have the whole thing cut off. >> reporter: he decided to get a second opinion fast knowing his finger would die without a blood supply so he came here known for pioneering the field of microsurgery. hand surgeon reattached the finger usin
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